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Subject: [Leica] F%#^$@#K -- now lost Leica tale
From: nathan at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Wed May 31 22:11:37 2006
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When I was 18 or 19, living in Denmark, I once went skinnydipping with 
some friends at a local beach--needless to say, in the middle of the 
night after a long, liberally sprinkled party. The next morning, besides 
the hangover, I had to deal with the fact that my wallet was nowhere to 
be seen. I concluded I must have dropped it on the beach. Given the 
circumstances, I could not remember exactly where on the beach we had 
been, so going back to look for it was a hopeless quest. I set in motion 
the process of replacing my drivers' license and whatever other 
documents I had in the wallet--but 3 or 4 days later the wallet, with 
all contents, including money, intact, arrived in the mail from Germany. 
Some German tourists had found it the next day and since I had several 
things in the wallet with my address on them, they just sent it back to 
me with a friendly note.

Nice experience.


pmcc wrote:
> I spent the summer after I graduated college traveling
> around Europe for the first time, taking photos with a
> very pretty IIIG and collapsible 'cron that I had
> invested the then vast sum of $160 to acquire. One
> night in West Berlin toward the end of the trip  
> I was absolutely heartsick to realize that I 
> had left the camera in an U-Bahn station. Before
> leaving I filed a loss report with the local
> police, with no illusions of ever seeing the
> camera again. I was just able to console
> myself by turning my thoughts towards home.
> Lost Leica forgotten, I was back at my university
> three months later when a package arrived for me
> at the post office. An upright citizen had 
> turned my camera in and the Berlin authorities 
> were returning it intact to me, without further
> ado. I was gratified by the goodness of strangers 
> and impressed by the efficiency of the West Berlin
> police.

Nathan Wajsman
Almere, The Netherlands


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