Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/05/31

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Subject: [Leica] lost cameras....
From: kcassidy at (Kyle Cassidy)
Date: Wed May 31 06:56:40 2006

about nine or ten years ago, long before i could afford a leica, i was 
traveling with my nikon f3 (which was a lovely camera). sitting in a bar in 
madison wisconson around 3 in the afternoon, i ate lunch and walked out, 
leaving my f3 hanging on the back of a chair. about eleven o'clock that 
night i realized that my camera wasn't in the car as i had thought, and i 
suddenly remembered bringing it into the bar. i raced back there, found a 
table full of revelers drinking and laughing, one of them sitting in the 
chair with the only expensive item i'd ever owned hanging casually over the 
back. i picked it up, walked back out, and nobody said a word.
somewhere sometime after i got my leicas and then my digital, i actually 
lost the nikon f3. it may be in my house, i'd thought ti was, but repeated 
searches at late night intervals when i suddenly think "where the heck is 
that f3" have failed to turn it up. if i found it now, all i'd do would be 
to run the motor drive and listen to that beautiful sound. i'd think "wow, i 
should shoot a roll of film", but it wouldn't happen.
good luck on finding your lost bag.