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Subject: [Leica] Re:Flash with Leica! Sacrilege!
From: leicachris at (Christopher Williams)
Date: Tue May 30 06:14:26 2006
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If you want to stay with small flashes, I use the Leica SF20 and a Nikon
SC-17 TTL cord which allows the flash off camera. Works great for me.


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From: "Peter Klein"Subject: [Leica] Flash with Leica! Sacrilege!

> OK folks, I know this is not exactly the Leica Way, and I'm as much of an
> available light guy as anybody here.  But sometimes you just gotta get the
> @#$%ing picture.
> I shot a friend's wedding, PJ-style, a week ago.  I used available light
> while it was available, and switched to bounce flash when it was not.
> the sun went down and light wasn't coming into the skylights and windows,
> exposure would have been around 1/30 at f/1.4 at ISO 1600, with lots of
> shadows and variations.  As much as I love the
> grainy-film-noir-moody-motion-blurry look, it wasn't going to cut it
> So there I was, shooting my M6TTL with my old Vivitar 2500 auto-thyristor
> NON-TTL flash, bouncing light off the ceiling, with the lens set to f/2.8
> as recommended by the flash calculator.  It worked fine most of the time,
> except that I sometimes wanted a vertical shot.  The flash has only a
> bounce head, not a bounce-swivel head, so I had to switch to direct flash
> (yeech) for those, bounce the light off the wall if they were close
> or forgo the vertical shot.
> So I got to thinking, maybe I ought to invest in a flash with a
> bounce-swivel head, so vertical shots would be more possible.  A used unit
> is certainly a possibility.  I'll need something with reasonably low
> trigger voltage, so I could use it on a digital camera and the M6TTL as
> well as an all-mechanical camera.  Any ideas?
> Something weird:  When I was testing the Vivitar flash before the wedding,
> I put it on my Olympus E-1. I shot with all-manual exposure on the camera
> at 1/60 second--well within the flash exposure range of the camera, and
> auto-thyristor mode on the flash.  Yet my exposures varied widely with
> distances between 3 and 20 feet.  On BW400CN print film with the M6TTL,
> there was some variation, but always well within the range of the film, as
> it's always been.  I got the same variation of exposure on the E-1 with
> another (non-tilting) old flash I own.  I was shooting an outside wall of
> my gray house.
> So I'm wondering if both flashes are working improperly, if the thyristors
> are calibrated for reasonable results with color print film latitude--not
> precise exposure, or if I generated some weirdness by putting an old
> two-contact auto-flash on a computerized E-1 digithingie.
> --Peter

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