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Subject: [Leica] Back
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sun May 28 10:09:15 2006

Well, I am.

I'm still selecting the best out of the +1500 images I shot, but  
included already one: smoking fish on the beach (catch sardines,  
spread them on the beach, cover with sand, add a layer of paper or  
similar, light it. If it looks like a waste dump, don't worry be  
happy, because it its the only thing that you can do. When the fire  
is out, get the fish as clean as possible, and cover it with homemade  
salt. Put on selfmade grills and then let the sun do its job. Et  
voil?: another batch of mouths that can be fed...)

It is true what the say about Africa: it is completely different.
I'm not up to giving in depth comments yet, because these 3,5 days  
have been a bit overwhelming (this is an understatement): so many  
people in such deplorable circumstances. And always smiling and being  
proud of the so little they have. It's hard to understand for us  
spoiled Europeans. But it makes one very humble...

What I do know is this: I'm not made for PJing. I need to much time  
to frame, previsualise, sleep on it, come back to do it another  
way, ... If I look at the ones that I shot there (all the time in PJ  
mode because that was what I was asked to do) and that are worth  
keeping, I'm at 1/10th max. The rest is absolute rubbish.

More to come in the next weeks.
Meanwhile: feel free to comment.

Thanks for looking,

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