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Subject: [Leica] Re: Taxi directions
From: jon.stanton at (
Date: Tue May 2 15:15:16 2006

I drove a cab through college when I wasn't playing music. The "geography" 
test to get the Chauffeur's license was ridiculously simple....
I drove for Yellow Cab about 3 payrolls, got tired of seeing half my check 
going for union I started driving for Flash Cab an independent 
company. The owner required all his drivers to wear a tie, and if he spotted 
you w/o one you would get fined $10.... Hottest day of the year and I am 
driving  a non air conditioned cab...the owner pulls along side me with a 
smile big enough to park his Crown Vic...I waved my tie at him with the 
"lost soul" expression of Oliver Hardy....He burried his face in his hand, 
peeked at me through his fingers and waved me away...Yes! I was wearing a 
tie over my tee shirt....