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Subject: [Leica] A nice pair Schmutz??
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Sun Apr 23 14:55:47 2006
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Hello Rei,
The shot is cropped out of the centre of a frame shot in very low light 
earlier this evening, although it was shot with 800 I still had to shift 
the exposure by another 1.5 stops (I suppose that makes it somewhere 
between 1600 and 3200 equivalent) )to get the bird correctly exposed, 
I'm looking into doing some more processing on it to see if I can get 
the noise out of the shadows, and maybe darken them a little, without 
affecting the bird itself. The lens used was not one of the best 
offerings from Canon, a 28-135 zoom, and used very nearly wide open 
(f6.3) so it's really a borderline shot. But, that said, I was in fact 
quite pleased with the shot of the bird picking insects out of the vine.
I have about 4 different noise reduction processes on my PC , so I'll 
see which works best, some of the effect may even be from sharpening 
without having applied any NR - we shall see tomorrow.
regards from Hannover

Rei Shinozuka wrote:

>the first photo is especially nice.  one of the first things that
>caught my eye, however, was the odd texture noticable in the out of
>focus areas.  it is like placing a sheet of frosted glass over the print,
>or perhaps a bit of film reticulation.  
>is it just 800 ASA digital schmutz from the camera?
>On Apr23 19:02, Douglas Sharp wrote:
>>Feeding on a Russian Vine
>>  Just 
>>sitting there (Damn that twig obscuring his beak)
>>Technical stuff Canon 20D, 135mm, ISO equivalent 800

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