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Subject: [Leica] An informal test of my 50/1.5 Zeiss Sonnar (on aContaxIia)
From: feli2 at (feli)
Date: Fri Mar 31 09:33:00 2006

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>Henry Scherer has worked on a few lenses and cameras for me.  I had the
>prewar collapsible f2 Sonnar  and thought that it was a mediocre lens. It
>certainly looked clean to me, but after Henry cleaned and collimated it, I
>couldn't believe the difference in performance. 

According to Henry, he can collimate the lenses to a much higher standard
than they did in the Zeiss factory. Same for the camera bodies. Lens 
is very dependent on accurate tolerances, it's not just the optical design.

 He also worked wonders with
>a f1.5 Sonnar.  I have several 50 Sonnars as I seem to accumulate them.
>They are remarkable lenses for their time, and I don't think anything else
>made prewar or through the war period can touch them.  And you can trust
>Henry completely.

Until the arrival of the Nikon 1.4/50 in the 1950's the Sonnar ruled the 
That's a solid 20-25 years. Then the Summilux and new Zeiss 1.4/50 Sonnar
came along and for a long period there wasn't much movement in the race.

Then just a few years ago,  Leica released the 1.4/50 Lux-R and 1.4/50 Lux 
which are more than just a variation on the older designs, but no one else 
putting any money in to developing new 50's...


Feli di Giorgio