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Subject: [Leica] Ricoh GR digital now Fuji F10, F11, F30
From: pmcc_2000 at (pmcc)
Date: Tue Mar 14 12:21:42 2006

--- Henning Wulff <> wrote:

> I haven't used the GRD nor the Fuji F11, but the
> Fuji F10 we have is 
> excellent. My wife uses it mostly, and while I'm not
> crazy about the 
> menu system, it's useable. Image quality is
> significantly better at 
> high ISO than any other P&S I've tried; it produces
> as low or lower 
> noise at 800 than the Canon P&S's produce at 200,
> and 1600 is very 
> useable as well. If you are interested in producing
> 4x6 prints, you 
> would likely never comment on the noise. Even 8x10
> prints are very 
> decent, and are well within its capabilities at
> 1600.
> I assume the F30 has even better noise
> characteristics than the F10 
> or 11, and would therefore become the preferred low
> light camera.
> I too would like a wider view; a 3x zoom starting at
> 28mm equiv. 
> would be great. Then you just have to add image
> stabilization and 
> you'd have a killer product.
> The Panasonics all have IS, but most of them have
> poorer noise 
> characteristics than the Canons, and a lot worse
> than the Fuji's, 
> which makes them unappealing.
> The xD card thing is a nuisance, but the cards are
> getting cheap and 
> fairly common, and about the same price per Mb as
> other formats.
> -- 
>     *            Henning J. Wulff
>    /|\      Wulff Photography & Design
>   /###\
>   |[ ]|

I think the F11 offers worthwhile improvements
over the F10. The screen is noticeably better and
it offers some degree of manual control (aperture
and shutter priority). Same excellent picture quality
and low noise at high ISO.
But the only authorized import of the F11 into the 
U.S. was by Fujifilm Hawaii. It is thus generally 
hard to find in the U.S. except as a parallel import. 
Shirokiya (.com) in Honolulu will, however, mail order

U.S. warrantied cameras to the mainland. 

The F30 has the next-generation of Fuji's electronics
and promises low noise performance at ISO of 3200.

The xD picture card thing is not a big issue for 
anyone with internet mail order access.  It actually
has the advantage of extending battery life.

I don't know the case in Canada, but the F30 will 
be offered by Fujifilm USA, so will be distributed
outside of Hawaii as well. If I wanted another 
digital P&S, there is no question that I'd forsake 
all others and wait until the F30 comes out in May. 
All this based on my F11 -- it's *that* good.


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