Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/03/12

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Subject: [Leica] comments on round 5
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sun Mar 12 11:47:02 2006

Alastair's portrait:
A nice lady. A bit odd to see her looking in an undefined direction,  
and a (for you, to?) simple print.

George's daughter and granddaughter:
Beautfil close up. Nice tonalities (and oppposition between mother  
and child). Perfect composition.

Wade's son:
Classical portrait of a sure happy looking kid. Great B&H bag ;-)

Daniel's Anthony:
Wow. The eyes! Beautifully and graceful portrait.

Richard Man's Anime and Corgi:
There's something with the sharpness of this one. It's not on the  
dog, that's for sure.
I'm a bit biassed to this one: strange saturation of the greens, I  
don't see the link between the doll and the dog...

Leo's Finley:
Congratulations with both your daughter and this photograph. This one  
is on par with Ted Grant's.

Mike Durling's Jim and Mumford::
I'll bite my tongue as Mumford (looks like Chewbucka's son) does :-)

Eric's triple shot:
I've commented already on the LUG. A classic pose, beautiful (set) light

Bill Harting's Beautiful Tonight:
This one has it for me: raw, straight in the face, full of character.  
I'm hooked.

Jayanand's Shreeya:
Perfect moment that you caught here. I don't know how you get your  
shots to be so sharp every time, but in this case I really like it.  
Great job, both on photography and on P&S.

Chris Williams' bride:
She's happy, and it shows :-). And the blown highlights indeed don't  
matter at all. Strange crop, though, with her arms cut like that. Any  
horizontal corps made?

Mike Stoesz' John:
Add a packshot of a bottle of bourbon and you have an ad! I'm not  
sure if it's tack sharp, and I would have tinded a bit less, but it  
sure has a retro look this way.

Chris Saganich' Margot:
Tack on. You look into those eyes and you're lost. Perfect catch of  
innocence. One of my favorites of this round.

Slobodan's parade:
Great stuff, too. At first I was blown away by the (pushed?) colors,  
but once my eyes settled I saw this girl looking into the camera.
I'm not sure if many would call this a portrait, but it sure is a  
great photo.

Marty's Ranvier Sarai:
Perfect portrait for a book cover. Is he a guitar player of some  
kind? If so, you've put perfect emphasis on his thumb nail. If not,  
it stays a great portrait. I wonder if it would even be better if  
he'd not look into the camera: these eyes sure fight for attention  
with the thumb.

We're getting good at this. Let's continue, and in a few years we'll  
do a great exposition ;-)

Loooking forward to the ways you'll all challenge yourselves in the  
next round,