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Subject: [Leica] cold morning
From: lmc at (Luis Miguel Castañeda)
Date: Thu Jan 12 11:30:09 2006
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On 12/01/2006, at 20:01, Don Dory wrote:

> Luis,
> As art, this image is not so great.

Crap if I'm able to qualify myself from the aesthetic point of view.

> As cultural, social commentary very
> informative.  Enough light left in the sky to show up, but the streets
> substantially vacant.  Cold enough to wear a pretty heavy coat, but
> casual/assured enough to walk diagonally across the street.

yes, it was more than 10 minutes past the usual hour, almost everyone  
was in a hurry.

> The film has a timeles feel to it.  Please give more details as to
> development, and what the negatives looked like.

Film is the rollei retro 400, which needless to say, it's my current  
favourite for this ISO in 135.
I had luck developing it in HC-110/B for 9' 30'' and a bit less than  
normal agitation, but this one was developed with Rollei High Speed  
developer 1+12 for 8' 30''.

Presoaking it with constant agitation for about one minute will give  
slightly clear whites, but richer shadow and medium tones, no other  
noticeable effect. When I made my first tests the medium gray gave  
0.70 logD on the densitometer, so you can make an idea about how  
negatives do look. I wrote my own impressions here [ http:// ]  and the image shown there was developed wih HC110.
If you want to know something else, please ask me.

Thanks Don.


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