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Subject: [Leica] Natchitoches-Sunny. Warm. High 73F. Windslight and variable.
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Wed Jan 4 04:50:13 2006

Peter Dzwig wrote:
> Shame you didn't get both sides of the window or crop the frame 
> out, leaving the bottom of it in place so that we could see 
> ther window. But nice shot anyway,

Happy New Year to you too Peter, and thank you for your
comments to mine and others' photos.

When I framed this shot (made in response to Sony's), 
I did think about either leaving both sides of the skylight
window in or leave them both out as you suggested, but
thought that in the one case, the composition is too confining,
and in the other too open, as I wanted to have a little of the
feeling of being confined (but not too much!) and also
to give the composition a little of an anchor (I hope
you you want I mean; I cannot think how to better explain).

So in the end (as in after 1.3 second :-)), I decided to
leave a tad of the right of the frame of the window in, 
and a tad less on the top, just to show the shadow.  The slight
tilt is also intentional, as is the framing of the ice flakes to
sort of frame the tree branches and echo the V shape of the branches.

Whether all those concious decisions "work" is another matter
entirely.  :-)


- Phong

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