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Subject: [Leica] Thanks for all the input: (Was Leica Books to buy...)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Jan 2 19:57:30 2006
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Kenneth Frazier asked:
> Steve, I am leaning towards your suggestion, at least for the use of  the 
> gift cards.  I have a modest collection of some good books of 
> photographs, but (dare I say it?), none by HCB.  (Aghast!!!  Now  THAT's 
> heresy!)
> For the others, I'm leaning towards Lager's magnum opus.<<<

Hi Ken mon ami,
Oh my friend if you want a book or books to see and learn about using Leica 
equipment to take pictures I know just the guy who's books are well used and 
talked about by other professionals in learning . Actually the 
Photographer's Supplement was written to answer many of their questions.

Why not purchase a book in B&W that comes with a teaching supplement 
explaining the why and wherefores of shooting with a Leica and the reason 
the pictures were exposed at precisely the exact moment they were. Not only 
that but there's an extra "FREE" bonus, the photographer, well at the moment 
is still alive, can be spoken with live or by internet to discuss any 
questions you may have on photography, lighting and motivation for shooting! 

Try that on many of the names and books I saw listed in a multitude of 
posts. ;-)

Quite frankly I'm surprised considering the number of books sold to LUG 
members, the book titles didn't come up with at least one for a potential 
purchase on learning how to shoot and why.

Now if you're looking for all the numbers and things of that nature I'm 
surely the worst Leica photographer to ask techie things. As my criteria for 
lens purchase has always been, fastest first! And that's all that mattered 
in my work. The difference between a sumi whatever and cron of something 
else is nothing more than a wart on yer knee and generally of great concern 
to non-professional shooters. Oh sure there are some pro's who make great 
concern over this kind of stuff, however my criteria is still fastest first 
allowing for the best picture moment captured. ;-)

Think about and we can talk over the private line or come back here as it 
makes no never mind to me.

Ted Grant Photography Limited
1817 Feltham Road
Victoria BC  V8N 2A4

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