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Subject: [Leica] Two simple questions
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat Sep 17 07:35:19 2005
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Sonny offered re focusing "kind of fix up.":
>> Can  photoshop be used to correct focusing errors (camera--not  me)?
>> Try this:  _ (   It 
>> can make miracles with camera movement and focus errors (even if the
>> photographer made them!)   ;-)<<<<<<<<<

David Cochran responded::
Subject: Re: [Leica] Two simple questions

> The same results can be accomplished in Photoshop but, if you look closely 
> at the example pictures, they are still out of focus with the added 
> pixelation from sharpening.
> When you sharpen an image it will bring out unpleasant artifacts that just 
> look like electronic noise. The edges may appear sharp but within the 
> confines of the "forms" (faces,etc) the image is still out of 
> focus.<<<,,,,

Hi David,
That maybe true, but I bet some folks would rather have a shot that looks a 
tiny bit sharper than worrying about a tiny bit of weird stuff that looks 
kinda like grain or whatever.

Thanks for pointing this out because I imagine some people might think the 
"magical focus fix" would make their out of focus shot, due to sloppy camera 
handling, would become razor blade crisp and save their ass..

I've always said on the values of PS it's a wonderful photo assist if you 
have a super shot to start with. But it'll rarely makes a half assed 
photograph look like anything but an improved half-assed photograph. ;-) 
That's excluding all the interesting manipulations one can do with it.

I imagine if one prints 13X19 images with the focus fix in, one would 
certainly not want the "fix to show as you pointed out."  ERGO: your point 
is well noted.


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