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Subject: [Leica] Re: My second best fan mail this week!
From: leica at (R. Clayton McKee)
Date: Mon Aug 15 20:48:05 2005

> >June 11, 2005; 09:10 P.M.

> Odd photos. Can't really say anything good about them. I am amazed that 

Jerk.  He's got no clues and even less eye.

Kyle, I gotta admit, most of what you do doesn't do much for me...  
I just don't care for the subject matter or the style.  Personal 
taste, no more than that, but, like Mapplethorpe and Friedlander and 
a bunch of others, I don't have to LIKE the work or even want to look 
at it to recognize that it took tremendous amounts of time, effort, 
skill, and creative talent to generate the stuff... and regardless of 
my opinion, that kind of effort deserves, at least, respect and the 
level of courtesy that gets to "say nice or say nothing."

Be a bloody damn boring thing to do if we all made the same images 
the same way, wouldn't it?  But y'know, this is the curse of 
technology... everyone's an expert now that you don't have to 
understand bupkis about how it works....



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