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Subject: [Leica] re: 40's pictures/images
From: cwoods8 at (cwoods)
Date: Thu May 26 14:20:11 2005

Thanks for sharing the pictures. How amazing. My grandfather (father's side) 
was with the army during the Battle of the Bulge. While my Opa's(mother's 
side) brother (Uncle Hemm) was apparently Rommel's confidant and assistant. 
I realize this may be a controversial statement, but after reading about 
Rommel, he struck me as being a heck of a military leader. It's been wild to 
go through history books and see my Uncle Hemm in the photo's!!!!

I can truly say my Leica has changed my life as I've become more interested 
in my family history and have been researching it voraciously since 
acquiring my Opa's camera. My grandfather was a friend of F.A. Porsche and 
apparently attended the same engineering school as he did. My opa worked as 
an engineer for the city of Heilbronn during the war and tried his best to 
keep the infrastructure from going kaput...ok, I'll shut up, I'm guessing 
from the lack of response to my posts that it would be better if I would 
just show some pictures! I promise I will when I get my camera back!

all best,

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