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Subject: [Leica] happy birthday Ted.... details.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed May 25 19:42:18 2005
References: <> <003801c560c5$83241150$1ae76c18@ted> <003201c560f5$a5adc510$6452c33e@symke> <009701c56147$d99db1d0$1ae76c18@ted> <>

John Collier offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] happy birthday Ted.... details.
> Umm, Ted
> Do you remember what happen the last time you took a special birthday 
> flight??!!
> > Have a good birthday but be careful up there.<<<<

Way to go John, ;-) thanks for that reminder. :-)

OK so I didn't land 100% correct and kinda ripped up a shoulder but what the 
hey, the docs fixed it.... well almost! ;-)

So, just because I can't just wing the 280mm around anymore like it was a 
100 Apo, I have learned how to work off a monopod despite the fact I hate it 
every second ! :-(

I just figure if this is a crash and burn it'll be big and lots of Leica 
gear left for someone to spread around! ;-)

I of course do know how to work a parachute this time, so there yu go eh? 
Piece of cake when the pilot says..."You better blow this pop shop and don't 
forget to pull the "D ring" after yer clear of the plane!"

I'll know what to do! And this time I will land 100% right! ;-) Plane or no 
plane! ;-)


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