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Subject: [Leica] New Have lens repair and more
From: dnygr at (dnygr)
Date: Wed May 25 04:42:49 2005

Peter, Kenneth, Karen and others:

I'd be happy to put you in contact with the Leica repairman in New Haven. 
Email me directly  ( and I'll send you his name and 
telephone number.

Yes, he does fix lenses. He fixes everything. He's fixed my Hasselblad 38mm 
Biogon as well as my Leica cameras. I need to bring him my 21mm M lens now.

He has coffee every morning at Atticus bookstore, which is where I met him. 
He introduced me to Leica. Atticus is just around the corner from Harkness 
and JE (Jonathan Edwards College) with which I am affiliated.

Yes, I do remember the camera shop in Fair Haven which was near the great 
Polish deli Wozniak's (sp?).  

The only bad thing about New Haven is the bagels. I moved here from 
Cincinnati where there was a bagel bakery in Roselawn that had the best 
bagels. They were made the old-fashioned way, that is they tasted best when 
they came out of the oven and if you didn't freeze them they'd be hard as 
rock by sunset. 

When I got to New Haven I was shocked by the state of bagels. Dreadful, 
dreadful, dreadful. There were assimilated bagels, and there were goyische 
bagels, but there were no real yiddische bagels. Things got worse when I 
moved out of New Haven a few miles. I bought a bagel baked at a local 
supermarket and tasted the all-time worst specimen, which I call "Yankee 
bagels." They look anemic, are soggy, and taste like a cross between an 
English muffin and Wonder Bread. It takes a year for them to turn to rock. I 
exaggerate of course. Since coming here, the bagel scene has improved, I am 
happy to report. 

I wonder if those great bagels are still to be had in Cincinnati. 

Doug Nygren




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