Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/05/22

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Subject: [Leica] OT: Rogue Waves
From: pklein at (Peter Klein)
Date: Sun May 22 22:49:09 2005

Ted:  Some years back, in my pre-Leica M days, we took an early fall 
vacation in Banff National Park. It was dusk, and we were returning from 
the north to some cabins a bit north of Banff town.  There was a "wildlife 
traffic jam," so we pulled over.  I watched in simultaneous amusement and 
horror as a Japanese tourist walked right up to a huge bull elk in full 
antlers, shoved a motor-driven SLR in the animal's face and began 
shooting.  The buck stamped and reared. Fortunately, the guy got out of the 
way in time, giggling all the while.  I don't think he realized how close 
he came to being shish-ka-bob.

A few seconds later, a Mountie with a bullhorn boomed out, "GET BACK IN 

And no, I don't have a picture.  The P&S I took on that trip died the 
second day out, in a canoe on Moraine Lake (the one on the old Canadian $20 
bill).  :-(


Ted wrote:
>Up island here a few years ago, we had three Japanese tourists swept away in
>one shot even after the group had been warned repeatedly to watch for and
>beware of "big waves and certainly not to go exactly where they went." :-(