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Subject: [Leica] Ones and Zeros
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Mon Apr 11 09:34:06 2005

I wouldn't want to get into one of those "my daddy can whip your daddy" give 
and takes, but:

Computers only understand  1's and 0's.  Be they the brainchildren of Mr. 
Jobs or Mr. Gates it all comes down to that. Am I on or am I off. I do 
believe that's how they process information.

Adobe Photoshop runs on a MAC or a PC. It looks and acts the same.

A Nikon Coolscan is certainly not "explicitly" Mac, as was stated.. I've run 
a Coolscan  since 1996 and always used a PC.

Many of the people I know who own Macs are certainly far from computer 
literate. Those computer literate types who do own them are not part of the 
"cult of Mac".

Maybe it comes down to the same thing as seen on the LUG?  If you know what 
you are doing,and have a Pentax K 1000 in your hand,  you'll outdo the 
wealthy camera buff any time.


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