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Subject: [Leica] Olympus E1 - sorta OT
From: vondauster at (Will von Dauster)
Date: Mon Apr 11 09:01:12 2005
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On Apr 11, 2005, at 5:18 AM, Peter Dzwig wrote:

> Will,
> it's not size that's the chip design. It is quite 
> possible to have two same size (pixel count)chips producing different 
> quality images. Is the chip in the 10D and 20D the same?


I don't have time to look up exact references at the moment, but as far 
as I know the CMOS chips are different in the two, with the same 
overall dimensions (APS) and therefore smaller individual receptors in 
the 20D. I believe that the chips on the original Digital Rebel and the 
10D were the same chip. Not sure about the 20D and the new Rebel, both 
of which are around 8MP.

In other words, I would agree that it is the chip design, but also the 
processing software, manufacturer tolerances, receptor design and size, 
and probably a dozen other factors that I'm not aware of. For example - 
and Brian may know this - I believe that CMOS chips use about 1/30th 
the current than CCDs, therefore generating much less static 
electricity, therefore attracting less surface dust.

Interesting times.

Will von Dauster

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