Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/04/07

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Subject: [Leica] MP Deification
From: gcr910 at (Gregory Rubenstein)
Date: Thu Apr 7 08:34:03 2005
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The MP, like other Leicas, is a tool. And, like the others, it's a damn good 
tool, assuming it fits your needs.

What I've found that makes the MP (yep, I have one; received it as a gift) 
different from other Leicas I use is the feel. Whoever designed it -- or the 
design team, perhaps  -- intentionally made it a very tactile experience 
different than the other Leicas out there. It's one of those rare mechanical 
objects you find yourself wanting to hold and handle and I ain't a gadget 
guy. Does it makes one a better photographer? Doubt it, though one could 
press that argument with the viewfinder improvements it introduced that 
spread to the M7 and can be retrofitted to other models.

Deifying the MP? That's something that simply seems to happen with all 
Leicas. The MP ain't the first M to earn the "neck jewelry" appellation or 
epithet-ation. The MP's a good camera, just like the other Leica's with 
their various quirks, fillips and such that make various users prefer one 
model to another -- as long as it fits their needs and shooting styles. 

Personally, I use my other Leicas more, particularly my M7 with the .58 
finder. The MP for whatever reason, simply feels different to me; it has a 
different personality, for lack of a better phrase. ("You say tomato, I say 

Enjoy and keep shooting with your Leica or (or Nikon or Canon or Bessa, 
etc); whatever camera helps you produce the best work for you and/or your 

Greg Rubenstein