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Subject: [Leica] Seeking a new 50
From: oliverbryk at (Oliver Bryk)
Date: Fri Mar 25 06:13:30 2005

Scott wrote:
"Subject lines says it all. I currently own the CV 50/2.5 and 50/1.5. I 
had high hopes for the 50 Color Skopar, but use the 50 Nokton most of 
the time.
But neighter really floats my boat. The Nokton comes close. Hanging 
around f5.6 or so, I get lovely fine detail. Shot several animal pics at 
the zoo which really brought this to my attention.  But bokeh is a 
problem with specular highlights, some wiriness and the like.
But I'm seeking out a different "look."  The closest in my current kit 
is the Nikon 45/2.8P. I find this a lovely lens. Plenty of detail, but 
no harshness. A kind of smoothness mixed in with the detail. Divine shot 
at close to medium focus distance. Bokeh to die for, and yes, bokeh is 
important to me in a 50mm FL lense. I'd say that it has a "refined" look.
I guess my M-mount candidates are the current Summicron, the pre-ASPH 
Summilux and the Elmar-M.
The Elmar-M is a tessar based design like my Nikon 45P, so wonder if 
that is what I'm looking for. It's a little slow, but then I can always 
shoot HP5 at EI 800, or go out and buy a really fast 35 Lux :-)
The Summicron is the summicron. I read that close-up performance is 
excellent. Is this a "do no wrong" 50mm legendary lens.
And then the Lux. Don't know much about this one. Most discussions talk 
about its low-light performance, but I do hear mention of a beloved 
"look."  I'd like to learn more about this one.
For background, I shoot B&W pretty much exclusively. Family, friends and 
hobbyist documentary and artsy pics. I rarely shoot landscape stuff 
(just vacations). I scan film and print with an MIS ink set outfitted 
Epson printer.
Appreciate any help.

Scott, FWIW for a long time the current Summicron 50 was my only lens, and
still is in that focal length. I have no need for a different 50mm design or
a wider aperture than f/2, whether for B&W or color. Professional printers
who made b&w enlargements for me usually took one look at the negatives and
said, "Leica glass, probably Summicron?"
Just my personal opinion, Oliver

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