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Subject: [Leica] Crazy idea? Getting a photography degree
From: SonC at (
Date: Sat Mar 19 04:57:30 2005


College degrees teach how  to learn, not how to do something.  Only doing 
thing will properly  teach you.  I would advise you to spend your money on 
workshops and short  courses offered by the magazines and camera companies.  
to that thing  that Ted teaches.  You'll learn more in that kind of rarified 
atmosphere in a week than you'll get in a year of ""art school."  

If it is the girls at college you are thinking about, take it from  me, (I 
work at a University) a guy your age is invisible to them, and before  long 
they'll be invisible to you. Mostly.  ;-)

Natchitoches, Louisiana
Oldest continuous  settlement in La Louisiane
?galit?, libert?,  crawfish

This is pretty crazy. I am almost 43, married  for 21 years, have 2 kidz,

silicon valley mortgage, runs a small  business, and... I am thinking
getting a photography  degree...

I already have a Bachelor degree in EE and a Master degree in  Comp. Sci.

May be it would be easier if I spend the money and just buys  lots of
and travel around and takes tons of pictures and learn to  enjoy Xtol in
morning. Yet somehow there is a yearning. The Academy  of Art 
( is almost local enough, right in SF, and I can  even

take online courses. I suppose I am more interested in the "Fine  Arts," 
Documentary type of work, but I don't know.

I don't know, may  be the feeling will disappear tomorrow.

// richard (This email is for  mailing lists. To reach me directly,
use richard at