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Subject: [Leica] Re:R lenses and variable apertures
From: telyt at (Doug Herr)
Date: Wed Mar 16 18:55:42 2005

on 3/16/05 2:01 PM, Daniel Ridings at wrote:

> Doug,
> You said something to the effect that Leica lenses at full aperture are,
> in contrast to the competition, usuable at full aperture. That implies
> that you think the competitions lenses are unusable at full aperture,
> which is unqualified bullshit.
> Daniel
>> Felix, it was Daniel who made the 'unusable' remark.  Perhaps you should
>> address this comment to him.  I didn't write anythign about 'unusable'.
>> Doug Herr
>> Birdman of Sacramento

Daniel, I'm not intending to diss your equipment, but independant tests (by
N and C owners) suggest that the tested N and C zoom lenses don't reach
their peak performance until stopped down a couple of stops wheras the
tested Leica zoom's performance is close enough to peak at full aperture
that stopping down is only needed to control DOF.  I think you're reading
too much into this.  Please re-read my initial post.  I wrote: "unlike many
of the competitors' zoom lenses the Leica zooms are fully usable at maximum
aperture."  This means that SOME other zooms need to be stopped down for
BEST performance.  I didn't write that EVERY non-Leica zoom is crap at full
aperture.  Chill, dude.

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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