Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/03/14

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Advice needed on 35mm lens for Leica M.
From: vze2myh5 at (Stan Yoder)
Date: Mon Mar 14 13:06:38 2005
References: <>

> Over time, various engineers, most notably Bob Carver and David Hafler, 
> managed to design custom
> electronic filters that could take the output of a distortion-free 
> solid-state audio amplifier
> and apply minor distortions to make it sound like this or that brand of 
> vacuum-tube audio gear.
> I'm sure that, if it ever matters, someone will develop a Photoshop plugin 
> that can take a
> picture taken with a modern aspheric lens and distort it, ever so 
> slightly, until it looks as if
> it had been taken with an old lens that had good glow.
Which calls to mind (being an organist) that manufacturers of electronic 
organs (aka 'toasters') 
include all sorts of pipe organ artifacts/imperfections in their firmware: 
slight unsteadiness of 
wind, the attack and release transients that some pipes make, slow speech of 
pedal stops, deliberate 
detunings, swell shades slamming, and even the sound of the blower (in the 
basement, usually) 
starting up.

Stan Yoder,