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Subject: [Leica] Advice needed on 35mm lens for Leica M
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Tue Mar 8 18:46:34 2005
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1.4/35 Lux ASPH
Stunning. You simply can't beat it, but it is the biggest of the bunch. 
Keep in mind that it's really no bigger
than a 1.4/50 Summilux, it's just that the old Lux was tiny. Expensive 
piece of glass.
I've borrowed and rented this lens a few times and want one dearly...

2/35 Summicron ASPH
Same performance as the Lux ASPH, but of course a stop slower. Very 
compact. Much cheaper than
the Lux. My friend purchased this one with his M6TTL and it made him a 
'Leica believer'. I've seen these for as little as $1400 from Hong Kong 
or as gray.

1.4/35 Lux (pre-ASPH)
A great lens in it's day, but unless you really are in to the vintage 
glowing look, it may not be your cup of tea.
Soft and flare prone at 1.4. Needs to be stopped down a good deal to 
really sing. The new Lux and both Crons eat this lens for breakfast in 
the performance department. Very small lens. Still expensive, running 
$1000 and up. I believe that for that amount of cash, there are better 

2/35 Summicron-M (4th version, pre-ASPH)
I own this one. A killer lens. By f4 it's performance is head to head 
with the ASPH models. The ASPH is crisper and more even across the 
frame at f2. Has earned the nickname "Bokeh King". Beautiful 
fingerprint. Very compact. Expensive. Clean examples run about 

Here is Erwin Puts' take on three of these lenses:


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