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Subject: [Leica] Re: Is that so wrong?
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Sun Feb 27 06:54:07 2005
References: <> <005401c51c75$15e68f30$>


>I'm not suggesting that the photographer shouldn't
>be able to shoot the scene as he or she 'sees' it - only that what is
>captured in that frame, that which is frozen, be true to what the
>photographer saw - that nothing be added or taken out after the fact.
>But then I'm applying photo journalistic or documentary standards, and
>not all photography is governed by those standards. ;-)

I'd suggest that a print is true to journalistic standards if the final
print is pretty much a "straight" print without much--if any--manipulation.
Burning/dodging can be used to create different truths from the same
negative.  (Not to exclude digital capture.  Substitute RAW file for
negative, if you will.)

If you move a pyramid so that it fits into the frame better, is that wrong?
I could argue that the scene with the moved pyramid might be closer to what
a photographer "saw"...just without the constraints imposed by a 24x36 mm


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