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Subject: [Leica] Last film on earth
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Feb 23 08:29:56 2005

What is it with all you guys on Tri X!

You guys are shooting the IDEA of Tri x.

I doubt there's a teensy weensy bit of real Tri X DNA left in this newest of
the new tri x's.
The box doesn't make me feel very nostalgic.
And packaging lets face it is everything.

They should rename it Nine X.

Nine lives like a cat X.

Reincar nine x.

Seriously I've not tried the latest totally revamped version made in a
different factory by different robotic gnomes but I've gotten better results
with First Delta 400 then Neopan 400 and Neopan 400 isn't even a tab grain
type of film.

For me of the 400 films what they are calling "tri x" now is is third down.

Agfapan 400 is niftier even.

Make that Quad X!

Although I'm still shooting Tri x pro. 320
Which was only "tri x" in name only from day one.
"why not call it tri x?"
"there already is a tri x! Besides this stuff is 320 not 400!"
"Well 320 is close enough! Just put in in a green tri x box I promise it
will sell!"

What that's in effect what they're doing with the 400 stuff now too.
Just leaving the old name on it because it sells.

The only reason I use the "pro" is it comes in 220.

Last time I looked at least.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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