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Subject: Question about DOF, Was: Re: [Leica] FLUG
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Mon Feb 21 09:52:43 2005

Yes and no.  yes, with the same circle of confusion, etc. any 2 lenses of
the same FL will have the same DOF.  Change a parameter, and 2 lenses could
look very different on spec, but perform identically..  It is called
creative marketing.

SOmeone else can give you a more scientific explanation..... this is the
abbreviated version.

The iris shape issue is a LOT more complicated.  There are emotional issues
and graphics art issues.  Personally, I have no idea of the scientific
issues, the ones that give you a straight answer.

Frank Filippone

Does the DOF of a lens only depend the focal length or can it vary ?
The reason behind my question are different markings I have seen on
lens barrels, for instance when comparing a CV 35mm Ultron to a
Jupiter-12. Has Voigtlander just been more conservative ?
Also, does the number of aperture blades affect image quality
when a lens is closed ?

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