Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/02/20

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Subject: [Leica] FLUG
From: lambroving at (William G. Lamb, III)
Date: Sun Feb 20 14:25:53 2005


Please be sure to let us know how many takers you have.


At 01:46 PM 02/20/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>William G. Lamb, III offered:
>>>>With respect, there ARE beginners with Leicas here who do not enjoy the
>>tone of the advice received from some, and refrain from asking.<<<<
>William, ok then!  Let's fix it!
>Lets make this work in another fashion, certainly if this is the truth, as 
>I'm sure from your comment there must be quite a number of the 1800 who 
>are living in fear of photographic comment therefore afraid to ask!!.
>Right now!  My my computer screen is wide open to all the shy newbies, 
>rookies! They are welcome to come at me one on one with their questioins, 
>or better attached pictures for comment. I will treat them no differently 
>than if we were in a class room, so they need no fear of embarassement in 
>public. However, I am gentle in comment and teaching. But if I see the 
>same stupid mistakes being made after I've pointed it out three 
>times  I'll verbally kick their ass!
>Well OK c'mon, after 3 times having it explained and a photographer is 
>still doing the same stupid mistake wouldn't you expect to kick their ass 
>to get the point across ? ;-)
>Let's see how many take me up on the offer.  Actually there are LUG folks 
>over the past few years whom we've gone one on one from "get go of 
>shooting" to where they are producing wonderful photography and all done 
>via screen, word and pictures, sometime on the phone to get a point across 
>So guys and gals go for it. :-) This offer could end as quick as my heart 
>stopping! ;-)