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Subject: [Leica] Leica Solms LUG LHSA Buyout
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Feb 20 09:06:28 2005
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Gene offered:
> I mentioned the state of Leica a few minutes ago and said I had better get
> one while i can.  her response was Oh Well, I guess you will not get one 
> then.
> ;-)  She's still brooding over the loss of her T-Bird that got 
> hit/crunched by
> the tree branch!  ;-)<<<<<<

Gene mon ami,

Show great emotion at the moment, never mind the Leica first.. "get your 
wife another "T-Bird!" Or repaired hastily. Then once done she'll be happy 
as a clam leaving the door open for you to go out and buy with complete 
reckless abandon.... "all teh Leica gear you wish!"

Her response will merely be... "that's nice dear have fun with the new 
toys!" ;-)  While she runs her hands around the new car. ;-) You just have 
to get their mind occupied with something else. :-)


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