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Subject: [Leica] Translation help wanted
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Wed Feb 9 01:53:32 2005
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AFAIK there is no particular german term for "stock", we use the english 
word for it: "Stock Fotografie". Note that in german we do not use the "Ph" 
as "F" anymore.


Let's make a try:

"Freiberuflicher Stock Fotograf"

This would be the correct translation; but it sounds a bit odd, but it 
works. I guess many people will not know what ist is (at least those who 
are not into photography).

Maybe some other german speaking LUGgers have a better proposition?

In french it's the same with "Stock", haven't found any particular french 
term for it. So it would be:

"Photographe de Stock ind?pendant"

Note the accent "egu" on the first "e" of independant, thats a little slash 
that goes from down left to up right. If it's used as a title, Photographe 
and Stock begin with a capital, otherwise not; same rule as in english. If 
it's all written in capitals, no accents are needed.

Hallo les amis, est-ce que quelqu'un a une meilleure proposition pour Gerry?

Hope it helps

>I am hoping the my European LUG friends can help me by translating the 
>phrase 'Freelance Stock Photographer' into French, German, Italian and 
>Polish. I have decided to make a major push on the stock front (yes, I 
>know there is no money in it!) and this would help for the reverse of the 
>business cards.
>Thanks all!

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