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Subject: [Leica] M2 questions
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Thu Feb 3 10:25:18 2005
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On Thu, 3 Feb 2005, Der Eiserne Reiter wrote:

> List,
> having only used Bessa R and IIIc rangefinders before, I finally gave in
> and bought an M, i.e. a used 65 M2. I have read that the M2 viewfinder
> can be modified to an M6 viewfinder.

Do NOT do that.

> Does anybody have experience with
> this and can you suggest somebody to do this conversion ?

Solm did my M3 that way. Now I have the only M3 in the world destroyed by
M6 rangefinder flare. Do not that that! (Unless you go for their
new-fangled fix-the-m6-rangefinder-that-we-never-admitted-was-faulty

The M2 viewfinder it great. Leave it that way.

> Also, I really
> am only interested in the additional 28mm frame. Since the M2 has .72
> magnification, it should be possible to have a 28mm view (about 3x the
> 90mm frame) without the frame. Is this practical (The camera is still in
> the mail) ?

Roland, just pick up a Voigtl?nder 28 finder and put it on the top.
They're great. Better than Leica's, I've heard. I use the 21mm and it's
crystal clear and I have no problems with framing.


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