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Subject: [Leica] Re: OT planned obsolesence
From: at (Douglas M.Sharp)
Date: Fri Jan 28 05:06:41 2005
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I don't think that the Japanese were responsible for the idea at all, the 
UK,France,Germany,Belgium and the USA introduced it in the most lucrative 
industry of all. I left out the USSR, their philosophy was completely the 

Planned obsolesence is something that started up after WWII in the arms 
industry, "new rifle - new calibre" kind of idea,or  aircraft and vehicle 
made deliberately in very short supply. I know the British Army and Airforce 
cannibalise old vehicles and aircraft to keep others running, the Bundeswehr 
Germany does it , and I wouldn't be at all surprised if the US-Army does it 
Also, hardly any new weapons systems today are compatible with their 
predecessors or,  as an example, indeed with the weapons used within the 
armies of the NATO Allied forces, and only recently have the transport and 
logistics vehicles been built on standard platforms again.
Strangely enough during WWII most countries did build hundreds of variations 
standard chassis, Sherman tanks, Bedford QL,Austin K-series, GMC 
CCKW353/StudebakerUS6, German Opel and Ford "Einheitsdiesel" and Japanese 
The arms business lives from constant planned obsolesence, most systems are 
planned to be phased out within a 5 year period (if not sooner) and most of 
these are even obsolete when they are put into action, eg the Tornado Low 
Strike Aircraft, used to destroy airfields, ran out of bombs during Desert 
Storm, nobody had thought of stockpiling munitions for it. Of course this 
machine was not compatible with any of the other weapons systems available 
the time and could not be refitted at short notice.

Karen Nakamura wrote:
>>              This "planned obsolescence" was introduced by the Japanese
>> after WW II and in
> I don't think you can blame the Japanese for planned obsolescence. Just 
> take a look at anything made by Kodak (except the Kodak Retina series). 
> And Japanese cars do tend to last much much longer than American cars.  
> Most Asahi Pentax Spotmatic cameras  and Nikon Fs are ticking along just 
> as well as their Leicaflex brethren.
> Not to get off track, but just defending my fellow country men and women.
> Karen Nakamura

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