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Subject: [Leica] Need advice on best electrical converter/adapter for Europe
From: Grduprey at (
Date: Wed Jan 26 19:53:43 2005

In a message dated 1/26/2005 5:03:18 PM Central Standard Time, writes:
Anyone who has charged camera batteries in Europe know how to advise  this 
post on craigslist in San Francisco? 

Reply to: _anon-57164183@craigslist.org_ 
Date:  2005-01-26, 8:45AM PST

I have a young niece who will be in Europe for  several weeks this spring 
with members from her class. She has worked very hard  to pay her own way, 
wants to bring a digital camera along to take pictures.  The batteries will 
to be recharged periodically. I know electrical power is  different in 
Europe, so I wanted to get her a converter/adapter. In reading  postings 
photographers, however, there seems to be a problem with  
using battery rechargers for cameras. Apparently they  blow out or do damage 
converter/adapter units. I need to understand why, as  well as what kind of 
converter/adapter 'package' would prevent that problem.  Thank you. 

If it is a new camera and charger, say from the last 2 years or so, it 
probably will run on 50 to 60 cycle power, they use 50 cycle.  If so, and 
you can 
check by reading the power requirements on the charger, all they need is a 
adapter plug/kit which you can get from any Radio Shack.  I recharged my DVD 
batteries over there with no problems at all.