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Subject: [Leica] Leica] Re: Doomed whatever
From: SonC at (
Date: Sun Jan 23 18:43:39 2005

In a message dated 1/23/2005 11:24:43 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

it is that I now have complete control of the other 2/3 of the photographic 
process that I had given up when I could no longer afford the time to soup 
own negs and print my own prints.
Indeed.  Since all my clients are editorial, I now have full control of what 
they get.  I can send it to them quicker, even if I shoot on film and scan.  
Typical delivery time is one to two days after shooting, as I post a low rez 
albulm on my server for the art director to choose from, then load high rez 
edited shots onto the server for them to download.

I do not differentiate between digital and film in my charges, though film 
slightly more costly (in labor time) for me to shoot.   I've had two recent 
assignments that I successfully mixed the two in the delivery.  

The good thing was that after a quick delivery, the editor asked me if I had 
a couple other themes, and I was able to direct him to examples on my 
of what he needed, and in addition to the assignment, I made sales of three 
other individual shots. 

Obviously, I do not make my living from editorial photography, and if I did, 
I probably would gear up more digital, because from what I can tell, 
now-a-days, when it comes to digital or analog media, the response is 
probably, "don't 
ask, don't tell," and digital IS easier for editorial.

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