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Subject: Fw: [Leica] Watched...
From: s.jessurun95 at (animal)
Date: Thu Jan 13 17:39:30 2005

sorry for the previous post,s p.s.  .
Confused you with mr. Ridings

>> Last night I had a feeling I was being watched keenly and closely by an
>> intelligence greater than mine, an intellect vast and cool and 
>> unsympathetic,
>> regarding me and my warm chair with envious eyes, and slowly and
>> surely drawing its
>> plans against me.
>> (with apology to H. G. Wells and the opening to "War of the Worlds".)
>> <>
>> Canon 10D with Leica Elmarit-R 100 APO @ f2.8 shot at ASA 1600
>> cropped about 2/3 from full frame.
> Just see the cold stare of a predator playing the game of chicken.
> House cats allways lose don,t they.
> I tried with a poor Siberian Tiger at our zoo here.I feel profound sadness 
> watching these caged creatures.
> Any how i played chicken with her.And ofcourse she won.
> Even looked slightly amused i thought at this unfortunate two legged 
> failure of evolution that tried to challenge her.
> Really dislike house cats.
> Intelligence? well we don,t really know what that is do we .But i would 
> not feel it in that cat .
> Allmost feels like watching a robot of sorts.
> Nice picture though.
> sorry for the longish post and yuckspeak
> simon jessurun
> p.s. I was hopeless with Latin  do you have a link to a page that explains 
> what your field is? 

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