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Subject: [Leica] Photo Books and a New PAW
From: r.s.taylor at (Richard S. Taylor)
Date: Wed Jan 5 08:19:48 2005

Had to be away awhile due to pressures elsewhere and am just now 
getting caught up.  Sorry to have missed the discussion on Sontag.  I 
don't intend to reopen it other than to say that her book, whatever 
its failings, was the first one to make me question what I was doing 
with my photography.

Another book that was really helpful in those days was one by Ralph 
Hattersley who, as I remember, advised as a learning tool "one 
camera, one lens (50 mm), one film (Tri-X), and get as close as you 
dare."  I wish I still had his book.  It was called "Discover Your 
Self Through Photography."  It got trashed in one of my regular 
library purges.

In any case, I've decided to start a PAW.  I will post weekly but 
since I tend to photograph in bursts, the photos will of necessity be 
recent but not necessarily from last week.

These will be the first "people" pictures I've posted.  Given my size 
(6'5") it's a bit hard to be stealthy, but I do try street candids 
from time-to-time.  Both were taken in York UK last summer with an 
Olympus C-60 and converted to B&W in Photoshop.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Comments and criticisms welcome as always.

Boston MA

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