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Subject: [Leica] Some pictures
From: max_weisenfeld at (Max Weisenfeld)
Date: Fri Dec 24 19:36:29 2004

Mollie's school held a Medieval Feast at the end of the Art unit on the 
middle ages this year, one feast per class.  Mollie was chosen Queen by 
virtue of her being fastest among the girls in a foot race.  Here she is in 
the dress her cousin made for her.

I have some studio lights, but only one umbrella and no soft boxes.  I guess 
I should iron my backdrop, too.

This was our first time shooting "studio style," and although Mollie usually 
has a lot of patience with me, this time she wanted to pose, and got upset 
when I kept shooting when she wasn't ready.

Please don't blame me for the scanning -- this minilab does the best job 
with the negatives, which is the main thing.

All images with an M5, 35 'cron, and Kodak HD 400.  I lightened her face in 
PS, I need to get my key and fill lights better balanced.

All advice and comment welcome.

Thanks for looking.


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