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Subject: [Leica] FOM 2 & LEICA - EOS MARRIED.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Dec 21 07:14:56 2004
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Nathan Wajsman said:

>It will most likely be a combination of M6 shots on Tri-X and Canon DSLR 
>shots with a Leica R
lens, so they will qualify.<<<<<<<<<

Alastair Firkin responded:
>>That is great news: any one else care to commit ;-)<<<<

Hi Alastair,
I think this is a great response to what appears as a kind of evolution in 
equipment use. A marrying if you like, of Canon digital slr's with Leica 
glass via Leica to EOS adapter.  And accepting the photographs taken  with 
this assembly as qualifying for FOM 2. Quite logical and common sense 

It appears more and more of us are moving to some degree in this direction, 
myself included. This doesn't mean we're abandoning our Leica gear, 
certainly not the Leica glass which many agree is the reason for using 
Leica.  Well some anyway. ;-) Of course, handling along with three million 
other reasons. ;-)

Having recently acquired the adapter for my R lens collection to EOS 20D it 
works beautifully. So I expect this year, the Great Spirit willin', I'll 
have some  FOM material for submission. :-)


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