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Subject: [Leica] R800 ramblings
From: hans.pahlen at (Hans Pahlen)
Date: Mon Nov 8 10:21:08 2004
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Welcome to the club ;)
Hmm, I got a darkroom below with 3 Leitz enlargers and lots of unused 
photopapers. They stand there cuz I tell myself that someday I will use all 
those papers... I wonder when I will do that though...
For years, I have only used films that can be developed in machines in 
photoshops, they will do it in 1/2 hour for 4 USD, so why bother at home? I 
have used lots of XP2, but now I am only using color films.
I scan with a LS4000 and print like you do on an Epson printer, in this way 
I can have prints in one hour :)

If you ever try a digital camera, you will be amazed by the quality and 
speed that is possible. Just attach the camera to your computer, and high 
quality pics are (almost) ready for print.

But most of us here grew up with analogue cameras, and we miss the feel and 
pleasure using a "real" camera. I have so many nice memories with my 
M-Leicas, that's why I keep using film. Although I have DSLR:s I also keep 
using my old F3 and F5 Nikons, cuz I still like to make slides. Wife and 
kids love to look at them, funny in this digital age.
I also use them for super wide angle shots, cuz my widest DSLR lens is 17mm 
(like old type 25mm).

Considering all this, it is understandable that lots of people like to 
attach a DSLR to the computer and download usable pics in minutes, then 
print. No costs for film, developing and scanner.
Right now I am taking pics for a site about home furnishing. Guess what 
system I use...?
Oh well, last week I was on vacation in Berlin, photographing for pure 
pleasure and fun. Of course I brought my old M2 and M3. Nine rolls in 2 
days, not so bad.


> I picked up an Epson R800 last week. Almost picked up the 2200 (2100 over
> here), but decided against it. I'm pretty sure Epson will come out with an
> A3 with the technology from the R800 before too much longer, so I'll wait
> for that and let someone else print things bigger than A4 in the meantime.

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