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Subject: [Leica] A Surprisingly Good Lens: Now M3 close focus
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Thu Oct 28 06:54:28 2004
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Simple adjustment easily made BUT it may also require the rangefinder 
arm length adjusted so that the rangefinder is accurate through out its 

Here is a photo (courtesy of Terence Cheung) showing the various 

To allow the rangefinder arm to follow the lens cam to a closer focus 
point, simply bend the metal tab which will let the rangefinder arm 
travel "out" of the lens mount a little bit more.


Make DAMN sure the rangefinder arm stops on the external stop. You do 
not want it to be hitting internally in the rangefinder mech. Most M3s 
are easily adjusted to 0.7m. A few, however, will stop internally 
before you get to 0.7m. That is the best you can do with those cameras 
and be sure to tweak the tab back a bit so it it the stop doing its 


Personally I would get a good Leica tech to do the work. It is easy for 
them to double check the rangefinder's accuracy at the same time.

John Collier

On Oct 27, 2004, at 6:14 PM, Karen Nakamura wrote:

>> Yep, I did sell the Noct'. I just couldn't get past the 1 meter 
>> limitation.
>> I had my M3 set to focus down to 0.7m. it's made using that Elmar-M a 
>> real
>> treat.
> Did you have someone modify your M3 or did you do it yourself? I here 
> it's simply a matter of bending some internal RF stop. I'm tempted to 
> do it myself to my M3, but am a bit chicken.

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