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Subject: [Leica] Re Leica M weather proof
From: corkflor at (Alex Hurst)
Date: Mon Oct 25 04:04:01 2004
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Alexander wrote:

>Thanks for the inso on drying an M6 I will write it down, but I may 
>have mislead you. I wondered if anyone had any WAR (WORE) stories 
>involving M cameras and their survival in adverse conditions. There 
>is a web site some where which states a photographer shot all day in 
>the rain with an M3 and although the camera worked fine. He opened 
>it up when home and dried it out and it was perfect again. He also 
>swears that and M3 in almost waterproof (within reason) because of 
>this. I wondered if anyone had any other stories about M's and feats 
>of endurance.

I've no problem about using Ms in mildly wet weather. Like Ted, I 
just keep the camera tucked under a waterproof coat until I want to 
shoot. A little rain never hurt a Leica providing you dry it off 

OTOH, if you're looking for a camera you can use in a deluge with 
absolutely no problems, you can't beat a Nikonos V. I know it's 
supposed to be primarily an UW camera, but for me it's the ultimate 
kit for foul weather - and we get plenty of that in Ireland. I use it 
mostly with the dual purpose 35/2.5 Nikkor, which has plenty of DOF 
for zone focusing.

It's also a great camera for the beach. If it gets sandy, just wash 
it under a tap.

  For Ms, I believe you can get something which is essentially a 
plastic bag with a rigid clear pane you line up with the lens. But 
tucking it under a coat works equally well.


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