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Subject: [Leica] RD 1
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Oct 23 21:44:33 2004

On 10/23/04 8:26 PM, "V.Roger" <> typed:

> For your information: I was lucky to be given a pass to Photoexpo in New
> York by a friend. I went there primarily to see the RD 1 at the Epson 
> Kiosk.
> I did and handled it. As some may know I use a Canon 0.95 lens on my M6 and
> have enjoyed using it immensely. Using digital as I do I have regretted not
> being able to use this lens which I have found to be very good indeed. The
> lens worked with the RD1 flawlessly, not blocking the range-finder or even
> the 50mm frame lines. The camera, while feeling just a bit flimsy in the
> winding was essentially like my Cosina, Voigtl?nder R2. I did not like the
> information round windows on the top of the camera and I feel that they 
> will
> probably be modified on a later model. The photos I took with the Canon 
> lens
> looked very good indeed on the screen on the back of the camera. Although
> this is not really indicative, I feel that prints would be fine. The
> adjustments are a bit more complicated than the Rebel D300 DSLR but we have
> become spoiled and it takes us a bit more back to how analogue cameras
> worked in the past. All in all I was impressed, however, the final word was
> there is no way I will spend $3,000 on a camera- No Way-
> _______________________________________________

I'm excited to use one with my Noctilux and have it become in effect a 75mm
f1 lens which would be far more useful for my commercial work which revolves
around short teles. (people)

As far as cost goes 3 grand is roughly the cost of a new Leica body.
An M7 or MP. 
The ones they are making now.
This makes me a 3 grand kinda guy.
I think of units of 3 grand.
3 grand is my cubit

How much is a new Chevy?
An '05 Chevy Cavalier is $15,000
5 of my cubits, or
5 Leica's.
Film or digital.
Big deal!

How much is a trip to Williamsburg for 4 days to go to the LHSA meeting next
A third of a Leica.
Film or digital 
so far.

Which would I rather have
An '05 Chevy Cavalier
Or 2 M7's, 2MPs and an R1D1?

I'll take the cameras and walk.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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