Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/23

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Subject: [Leica] OT: Leica M7 with MP finder?
From: lambroving at (William G. Lamb, III)
Date: Sat Oct 23 19:17:56 2004


Thanks for clarifying that in case my comment was misleading. I made the 
suggestion that he buy a Passport camera for a few bucks more and assumed 
he was in the U.S. My first M7 had a  DX-coding problem from new and was 
replaced in half an hour in NJ by Leica Camera USA when they couldn't 
repair it quickly as I was leaving on a trip the next day, no questions 
asked. For all I know, that first camera had been tossed by the "Samsonite 
Gorilla" somewhere in shipment, but it's nice to have some security with an 
electronic shutter, etc. My MP .58, on the other hand, I bought as a NIB 
USA "Demo" because I felt an MP would be good for thirty years if it is 
good for one. My M5 never had a hiccup in thirty years or let me down, but 
I DID have Sherry give it a CLA in March. She found a part in the 
rangefinder which was weak and could have jammed it. Of course, it's better 
now than new.



At 10:36 AM 10/24/2004 +0900, you wrote:
>>Guess you saw this on eBay? A couple of West Coast Leica Dealers
>>on eBay can nearly match that price on a grey camera, but an M7 I
>>would definitely buy with a Passport Warranty. HK have good feedback,
>>so I presume they are O.K...
>Passports are only issued by Leica USA dealers.  Foreign dealers only have 
>the standard Leica warrantee which isn't as generous. If you break your 
>Leica by dropping it under a non-passport warrantee, then they won't fix 
>it for free like they would under Passport.