Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/10/22

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Subject: [Leica] Conflicted
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Fri Oct 22 04:31:38 2004

Greg Locke wrote:
> about that signiture file.
> Are all crawfish equal and free?
> How about the lobsters? How do they feel?
> :^)

Actually I thought the line means that Natchitocheans
are guaranteed equality, liberty and all the crawfish.
Strict constitutionalists interprete that to mean all the 
crawfish you care to have; (it was just a manner of 
speaking; the Natchtocheans Founders could not
possibly believe anyone would want crawfish, or
at least publicly admitting so - really an empty, 
meaningless political promise),  but the booming export
to the yuppy markets makes that a mathematical
impossibility.  Revisionist interpretation instead
limits it to all the crawfish you can eat in each sitting.

All kidding aside, just want to mention I have been
really enjoying the photos you have posted, Sonny.

- Phong
Red Sox Nation
Where all socks are equal, but the red ones are better.  

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