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Subject: [Leica] Chess Night
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Oct 21 21:38:17 2004
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Bill Clough showed:
Subject: [Leica] Chess Night

>   Here is the latest submission:
>  <<<<<<,,

Hi Bill,
Hey thanks for the phone call the other evening a good old fashion chat! :-)

"Chess night!"  OK this one I have a couple of comments along the line of 
nit-picking ;-) : And the location might not have allowed the movements I 

The fellow with the book, a slight change of camera position to your right, 
as that would've buried the lady in the back ground. I find my eye almost 
goes directly to her first ....  lighter area of hair and head.  Either 
block her with readers body or burn her down some. In doing so it then 
allows your eye to go directly to book reader without distraction.
Then a slight dodge of the readers face to open it slightly.

And if possible you take a step back to give you a smidgen wider angle, it 
wouldn't be much, but it would give the competitors a tiny bit of breathing 
room rather than riding hard on their shoulders.

One last thing. The white post to the left of the lady previously mentioned, 
I'd burn the post down also, because if you burn her down or bury her with 
the readers body,  then the post becomes the distraction.

Apart from those nit picking things, once again it has that Bill Clough 
special B&W look!.


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