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Subject: [Leica] My Skylight of choice-rainbow
From: langhans at (Aram Langhans)
Date: Thu Oct 21 08:20:40 2004
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Here is my skylight of choice....

Wednesday was wacky tourist dressup day for homecoming and I was all 
dressed up
with an old Polaroid around my neck when people come running into my room
(which of course has no windows other than Windows 98 and XP) to tell me I
just gotta come out and see the rainbow.  They had been staring at it for 
minutes then thought I needed to take a picture.  I ran out and WOW!!!  
spetcacular thing I have ever seen  (even better that Galen Rowell in
Tibet). A once in a lifetime event.  From Mt Clements to the other side of
the valley, way up in the air, a full arc.  And the lighting up the valley
and on the mountain was spetacular.  My Polaroid would not work.  I didn't
bring a real camera today since Wacky Tourists don't use real cameras.  I
ran, sprinted, mowed over people to head to the library to grab the 
Rebel.  Got it, ran out the door and it was faded quite a bit.  I took 
shots.  This one and then one more where it was mostly gone.  Didn't have
time to change any settings.  ISO 400 (drats).  I sure wish I had a wider
angle lens to get the whole valley in.  So, this is my only real image.

Many morals to this story.  1.  Bring a camera with film (or  some photon
gathering device) everywhere you go.  2.  Work in a room with windows.   
Have friends that will call you well BEFORE the light starts to fade.


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