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Subject: [Leica] Re: RE Skylight of Choice
From: jcb at (JCB)
Date: Wed Oct 20 22:48:50 2004
References: <>

At 05:28 PM 10/20/2004, wrote:

>ummmm. I stopped using filters for protection since I went to Solms one day,
>and they pointed out that I was degrading the quality of the lens with the

Sonny is correct. Leica does not advocate the use of filters UNLESS the 
filter is going to enhance the photograph.

All filters will optically degrade the image, according to Leica. So as 
Sonny says, go nekkid unless you want to enhance the photograph with a 
polarizer, warming, B+W 060, etc.

Since Leica designed the lenses, I tend to believe them. BTW, if you break 
a filter while it is on your lens, the shards of filter glass can (and many 
times have) put very nasty scratches in the coating on your lens. The moral 
being, wear a filter only for photographic effect, then remove it.

Oh, one more tidbit, that wonderful very expensive coating that your Leica 
lens has on it is rendered null and void by covering it with a filter. The 
coating on ANY filter doesn't come within a country mile of suppressing 
flare and unwanted ghost images like the bare lens does. By the time the 
light has passed through the filter, it is already damaged and cannot be 
corrected by the lens coating.

So, no one cares if you do or don't use a filter on your lens. You've been 
given some facts (from the horses mouth - Leica) and you can choose your 
own poison. If you use a filter, it should be a B+W or Heliopan. Many Leica 
UV filters have a yellowish cast to them. I've seen it with my own eyes!


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