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Subject: [Leica] single vs multi coated VC 40 1.4 Nokton
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Wed Oct 20 17:44:53 2004

from Stephen Gandy...."Cosina introduced TWO 
versions of the 40/1.4 at Photokina.  The standard 
"Nokton Classic" version is  multi-coated.   The 
limited production version for the Japanese home 
market is the 40/1.4 S.C.   This is where it gets 
confusing.  Cosina already makes multi-coated SC 
lenses (no periods) in classic Nikon Rangefinder 
mount.  The 40/1.4 S.C. stands for "Single 
Coated".   Why you ask?  Because there is more to 
photographic imagery than super sharpness and the 
best possible lens test results.  To quote 
Cosina's President Mr. Kobayashi "The 40/1.4 SC 
lens was produced for those who believe single 
coated lenses give more beautiful imagery in Black 
and White."  Some Japanese photogs prefer the 
imagery of single coated lenses to multi-coated 
lenses, and so this limited edition version of 500 
40/1.4 S.C. lenses.   Either ..."

Does anyone have insights into this issue, and 
examples of photos that show the differences using 
single vs multi coated lenses...?

which lens do you think is preferable for largely 
bw work?

Further, I have written  to Stephen Gandy to 
request additional  information..

thanks,  Steve

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